Chassis Dyno

                           Chassis Dyno service featuring the Mustang brand 1100SE DYNO

We believe we have the finest dyno facility in the south.  The dyno is a Mustang brand 1100SE, Eddy Current machine, which is far superior to the inertia drum, Wide Open Thottle (WOT) only dynos commonly found in the market place today.  The 1100SE can tune on a load with its magnetic eddy brake as well as WOT.  What this means is that your vehicle can be tuned to its actual weight, not just the weight of the dyno drum. With a capacity of 2,000 HP at the wheels, the 1100SE is large enough to handle 99.9% of the street cars on the road today.  The drums are wide enough to fit duallies without the need to remove the outside rear wheels.  The large 30” diameter rollers provide superior traction so your wheels will not slip under boost or when nitrous oxide is used.  The 1100SE is highly regarded in the industry, and considered by most to be the finest dyno money can buy.  Tune it with a proper load and get the results you demand.  NO MORE STREET TUNING, NO NEED TO TUNE AT THE TRACK, NO NEED TO CONTINUE TUNING AT THE TRACK AFTER YOUR VEHICLE'S BEEN "TUNED" ON THE DYNO.  Tune it ALL on the dyno, in a Safe, Comfortable environment, at SPEEDSOUTH chassis dyno.  All runs are datalogged using an Automobile Manufacturer industry standard, AFM1000 wideband.  Access to the dyno cell and computer room CAN be limited for your privacy. 

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