Services & Specialties

Attention to detail is what separates a successful project from an unsuccessful one.  Our certified technicians assemble each cylinder head and camshaft package or complete engine assembly by carefully measuring piston to valve clearances, degreeing the camshaft, and performing rocker shim adjustments to ensure that your street or race motor holds up to the rigors of high rpm and high power. When we assemble a SPEEDSOUTH power package such as a Nitrous, Supercharger, or Turbocharger system we'll install it with all of the necessary accessories to insure your engine makes big power, safely. We want each performance car to be fun and durable. After any of our power packages are installed our technicians can build a Custom Tune for your car, truck or motorcycle. This same attention to detail is spent during the tuning process.  All custom tunes include drivability tuning, idle tuning, and wide open throttle tuning using our Mustang brand 1100SE Load Bearing Chassis Dynamometer.  This dyno combined with our new AFM1000 Wideband Oxygen Sensor allow us to produce a near perfect vehicle simulation and oxygen sensor readings that are accurate within 1% giving our customers the most accurate Horsepower, Torque, and Air Fuel Ratio information available on the market today.
SPEEDSOUTH continues to set itself apart from the rest, by offering services that require specialized equipment such as computerized corner scales, bump steer gauges, and even a fender rolling fixture. MIG and TIG welding of aluminum, stainless and mild steel is also available. Stop by, call, or e-mail one of our friendly support staff about your next performance project and you'll see why so many people are choosing SPEEDSOUTH.