I love it.  The truck was always a bit underpowered. Now it is just about right.  The turbo lag was always significant, but now with the  extra power it is even more noticeable. All in all, the best $400 I've spent in quite a while. 

Thanks for your help.

Zack K.

Mustang runs great!  Thanks for the "As Usual" quality work from SpeedSouth.  No dirt, no scratches and can I tell the difference.

Next up:   One piece lightweight driveshaft.

Buck S.


Thanks to you and your team for taking such good care of the Shelby.  Really was a pleasure meeting you guys and I think your shop is top notch.  Look forward to continued projects ahead.


The car is great.  So much so, that Courtney and I took a little day trip on Sunday.  We put on over 300 miles traveling up to Tennessee and down and around Lake Guntersville on the way back.  We traveled a county road in Lincon county Tennessee that was incredible. Miles across the top of a mtn range then it took us over 10 minutes to get down with lots of switch backs.  We plan on going back just so I can up that road next time...

Paul M.

This past weekend was beyond anything I could have ever imagined!  It was honestly all because of you guys. The car was everything we wanted and more.  Jim, thank you for your continued attention to detail!  The car was awesome!  I had a blast driving.  I look forward to the events in 2010!!

– Justin Z.

Guys, I just wanted to say it was a pleasure doing business with you all.  I was impressed with the professionalism of each and every person I encountered there from my first inquiry call to driving out of the lot. I had questions that were answered and I was explained what was happening at all times.  I was greeted by each person with a smile and a kind word and it was a pleasant experience. The Diablo tuner installed by Jim has made a great difference in the power throughout the curve. I have an onboard computer and tracked mpg prior to installation and was getting 15-16 combined mpg. I immediately noticed a difference after installation and am now solidly getting 19.5-20 mpg steadily. I just wanted you to know you have a sharp outfit there and I will recommend you to my friends.


Jeff C.

Hey Jim,

I absolutely love the newsletter from Speedsouth.  This is really informative, even to just an average Joe like myself, who needs truly professional advice from people who know what they are talking about.  I also believe this will help your business's credibilty in the future.  As a customer of SpeedSouth myself, I look forward to working with your shop in the future, as I take my 96 Vette from fully stock, to a "sleeper" street racer!  Nice job, and congratulations on the new newsletter.


Gregg B.

Hi Jim the car drove great back to Huntsville, like you said, I think it feels better than it ever have before. I think you fixed something else too because it always took ½ tank of gas to drive back to Huntsville. I filled up at the Shell around the corner from your shop and it was still on full when I got to Huntsville. It moved a hair past F when I started city driving and I haven’t used ¼ of a tank yet so it’s getting far better gas mileage than before. Thanks Jim I appreciate the work you put into this.

Eric M.

My Procharger has been installed. I'm currently going through the  break-in process with the engine and Procharger. Just wanted to give some big time recognition to Jim Summerville for walking me through the predator downloads. He was available after work via cell phone and very knowledgeable about talking me though the download process.  Would not have made it without him.

Scott H.

I'm like a kid waiting on Christmas!!!  It sounds really awesome. I'm glad to see everything coming together for all of us. It has been a real labor of love. If we had not all believed in what we could do we would not have gotten this far. I'm pleased with all of our decisions and I think the final product is going to reflect that. You and Jim have been super to work with. We need to get that message out to your customers and potential customers.

Talk to you soon.

Billy Z.

Thanks for taking the time to put together all of the information you sent.  There were definitely things in those pics that I hadn't thought about. 

Thanks again and hope to see you at the track soon.

Scott P.

Dear Jim,

I just got in from bringing the car in from your shop in Pelham and she drives just fine.  Ya’ll did a fine job.

Thanks again,

Joseph B.

Hey Jim,

It was nice getting a tour of your facilities the other day – first class place ! I sent an email out to everyone in our Southern Stang Mustang Club last night, and already had two people that sent me an email back stating they wanted their car dyno’d.  I suspect that more will chime in soon also.

Thanks again for what you guys are doing for our cars,

Philippe C.

AWESOME...We love the way this car feels now. I didn't think it would be that noticeable but I have to admit that she feels much flatter in the curves.  Thanks again and we look forward to a long relationship with you and SpeedSouth. 

Jonathan H


Thanks for installing the sway bars. What a difference!


Thanks for repairing Kymberlie's car and same day service!

Adam T.

Car doing great, if it would just stop raining!  Thanks for the info about the Nitrogen.  Will take back to Town & Country as they were the ones who put Nitrogen in the tires when they mounted them.

Hope all is well with you.


My clutch is finally starting to feel more “normal”…I checked my plugs, they’re gapped correctly…I cleaned my air filter and reflashed my map from Top Speed…car is running great now…I think that the ECU may have “learned” and tweaked a couple of things, the reflash and air filter cleaning and MAF cleaning seemed to help a good bit.

Just wanted to let you know that your advice was taken and the car seems to be doing great.

Lance C


This is awesome,  just awesome.  i very much appreciate this level of attention to detail.  thank you.

Peter K.

It was great to see your place and meet everyone.  Dynoing the car was quite a blast! I'm going to get a hotter and more reliable Delco fast-start direct ignition system off a later model Buick 3800, as well as install an exhaust cutout before the muffler.  Then will come back and dyno it again.


David A.

Good talking with you today. It is nice to know that there are some shops out there that still care about the overall outcome of a customer's car/engine project.

Just let me know if you need me for anything else on this.

Thanks again.

Chad Golin

Hi Jim, I appreciate all you have done.  We should be able to see you late afternoon on Monday.  I hope you and your family are doing okay.


Tom W.

Thanks man, I appreciate you talking with him. I get a little lost in the mechanical end of things sometimes and I really do appreciate what you do for me.


I just wanted to let you know I picked up the car on Saturday after getting the cam install, with a vig 3200 stall, and FAST 92 intake this cam made 420RWHP on a dynojet, but more importantly it runs AMAZING and sounds awesome too! thank you guys for all your help!

Peter L.

Thank you for the prompt and courteous manner in which you corrected the problem with my car. You and your technicians, Phillip and David, were very helpful. I will not hesitate to recommend SpeedSouth when I get the opportunity.

Leldon A.

Pick up the vette. Took it for a run on the interstate and peg the speedometer (85 mhp) :o). Ran great it never got above 165 degrees. Maybe this was the ticket.  Thanks.

Mark D.

I just can't tell you have much fun the car is and how much I appreciate all the hard work and effort you put into this thing.  I think she has come a long way.  She just took a little time to get to know but she is awesome.

Billy Z.

- A few posts on some Enthusiast’s forums -

In my pursuit to find the ultimate balance of a comfortable street car and a formidable track car, I have had the help of David at Speedsouth in Birmingham to help me sort things out. The readers of this forum have given me some good ideas too.

Last time I logged in about the change to LG coilovers and the necessity of a bumpsteer elimination (by David Leonard) with a change from factory ride height. This took the nervous feeling out of the rear end w high speed cornering. Great change! But the improved handling created a very noticeable shortcoming- the brakes .

Brake fade with the factory setup was very unsettling and left me with a very uneasy feeling when attempting to brake late even w steel lines, race pads and race fluid. Speedsouth suggested Stoptech brakes and what another GREAT suggestion. These brakes with racing pads will pull your fillings out when late braking as demonstrated in my solo class at PBOC this past weekend against the likes of a Porsche GT3, Turbo and 4S- I don't know what pads they had, but they were no match for the Stoptechs. The Z06 also outran, outbraked and outcornered the Street Porsches there incl GT3.  Since I was running Hoosier slicks on CCW wheels I also replaced the dry sump baffling to avoid any oil starvation issues. There isnt much left to do and still stay comfortable on the street, perhaps headers and a carravagio set of seats.

Speedsouth also did a very sanitary installation of a traqmate and chasecam that I am trying to learn to use- they came up with a great way to mount the traqmate controller in the cup holder !!

This car is just awesome and just so much better than how it came from from the factory with NO compromise of streetability. Thanks Guys.

Tony M.

I will post the graphs later. This was done on a very stingy mustang dyno. Baseline was 337hp. We ended up tuning the car very conservative, no timing put in at all, and we ended up with 352.7. We left somemore on the table. I am ordering a 180 stat and we are going to run somemore timing in the future. Again, this tune was with NO TIMING ADDED AT ALL! We took out the torque management, cut the fans on earlier, removed the skip shift, and smoothed out the air\fuel ratios. The guys at SPEEDSOUTH in Pelham, Alabama were\are great. They did a great job with the car. It runs a ton smoother and pulls harder on the top end. Much more driveable. I will post the pulls when I get all of them in a email. Completely stock 02 Z06 with the zip tie mod and stock filter.

Steve R.

The new shop looks GREAT! Guys, SpeedSouth runs a nice operation - they did some things for me when I lived in B'ham and I even bought a car from them back in the day. They'll treat our cars with the 'kid-glove' respect that they deserve! And they cook some mean hamburgers at the track too!

John H.

I bought a wheel from these guys not too long ago. The wheel was as advertised and shipping was very prompt! I'd certainly do business with them again.


We work with speed south all the time. Nothing but good experiences. They'll take great care of you!

Colton Christensen with Corvette Recycling

Used to live in Birmingham and these guys are class act.......very nice and straightforward group of guys

Jamey T.

SpeedSouth has installed all of our products and they do a great job! They have a lot of suspension set-up experience and they're honest, it's hard to find good shops like this anymore! They are a great bunch!

Jordan P.


Speed South is an outstanding vendor to the Corvette community !!! Good group of talented guys and very friendly to work with.

Wayne B.